Le Noir EP

Lorenz Rhode




strong>Catalogue: 10Q003
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Release Date: 12/2021



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10Questions is a record label by Dam Swindle’s Lars Dales and graphic designer Bas Koopmans. After two prolific first releases, 10Questions drops another EP, this time by long time friend and synth wizard Lorenz Rhode. Lorenz finds himself exploring the depths of 80’s inspired Italo disco with a modern touch. Just how we like it.

The ‘Le Noir EP’ is spearheaded by two A sides of which title track ‘Le Noir’ is the first one. “Le Noir’ features the ominous vocals of ‘Margarita’ and is one of those tracks that we love instantly because of it’s strong theme and even stronger execution. Italo drama in optima forma. The chord progression on this track gets you hooked and never seems to end; a perfect example of why we call Lorenz the ‘synth wizard’.

The second A side ‘Yayoi’ is a track with a big nod to Lorenz’ memories of 8bit games and early days music programming. This track pulls you in from the start with an emotional theme but with the drop into bassline and percussion it’s clear this theme is not one to linger on. The addition of both claps and stabs add loads of energy on top making this track a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The full B side is reserved for ‘Pan Di Stelle’ and is the exact counterpart of ‘Yayoi’. It starts of with an Italo inspired bassline and with the percussion on top, it immediately dictates the energy. Only after the two minute mark the spacey theme comes lurking around the corner and fits perfectly in it’s own sonic pocket. This track is a another example of Lorenz’ expertise in utilising vintage synths and why he has been immensely popular for his production and playing skills.

10Questions is a label build on the concept that the record and record sleeve are an integral part of the full experience of an EP. The artist is given a questionnaire and depending on his/her answers the artwork is made. This way the music and art co-exist in the same creative universe, that of the artist and the label alike.

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