Anxious Delay Group

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Catalogue: AMPHASE001
Format: Vinyl, 12″ ROU
Release date: 12/2019



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In a dynamic world where people and pixels are moving and changing at the speed of light, a strangely beautiful thing is happening to some beings. Some call it a brain delay, others “the wrong things at the wrong moment”, but the anxious people are simply calling it a gift. One of their favourite form of communication is art; for some music. The Anxious Delay Group is a species of artists who are sending out messages to others like them, to join a musical movement in their universal language.

Exhibit A1: “Sometimes” a track can be fully understood through the perspective of the creator or the listener; this one acts like the invitation introduction, built up through repetitive kicks and on top of them, a series of digital infused notes and an occasional alarm-kind-of-noise which informs you that the opening has begun.

Exhibit A2: A well-known character, “One Eyed Jack” surfaces up and invites the anxious gathering to dance. It is a very uplifting beat with a powerful bass and with a twist of irregular notes drifting through.

Exhibit B1: “Fast Feeling” opens a new dimensions, one where rules are only set by the sounds. With a more accentuated bassline, this shapeshifter is indeed a fast feeling, one where perscussion are quickly elevated to join the drums loop and the subtle blurry message that awaits to be decripted.

Exhibit B2: “Scene 357” might for some seem like a numerologic symbol, but it is indeed just a getaway that merges down all the tracks into it. A blend between strong kicks and subtly chords and percussions which mellow the soul. An androgyn track which translates into a perspective beyond the boundaries of the musical patterns.

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