Alex Ranerro




Catalogue: BOND12066
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Release Date: 09.2022



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After his phenomenal debut in 2020, Slovenian House wizard Alex Ranerro returns to the ever delivering Bondage Music label with a new relishable five piece EP, including remix from Lola Palmer.
Title track ‘Fragments’ welcomes us with dabbling and shimmering percussions, accompanied by a cosy warm sub bass and a crispy drum framework. While the buttery tops and flashy FX effects subtly work their way through our hearing, we already sense the first vibrations of the peerless stellar synths unfolding continuously throughout the track.
Next up, we have Lola Palmer pleasing us with her very own version of the original. She adds a muffled kick and a drone bassline, turning the track into a matter of deep groove. Smooth piano chords nestle perfectly into this housy roller which is relying on a tasteful selection of lucent hats and twinkling shakers.
Following up is a true Alex Ranerro classic, going by the name of ‘Jungfraujoch’. The Slovenian certainly aims for the good vibes with this harmonious piece of joy. Rattling percussions say ‘hello’ to the rolling bass and dubby melodies, promising a dazzing act of pleasure on the dancefloors of this world.
Breakbeat connoisseurs are going to love the next delicacy on the menu: ‘Radiation’ turns out to be a true cosmic affair, embracing us with clanking snares and a hypnotic pad straight from the orbit. Divine and Perfectly placed synthesizer chords do the rest and let us ultimately float towards the ether Alex Ranerro has created for his audience.

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