Lyle (Vince Watson Remixes)

Fabrizio Fattore




Catalogue: CMSR005
Format: Vinyl, 12″ UK 🇬🇧
Release Date: 01/2022



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Pure product of the Neapolitan scene, Fabrizio Fattore turns up on Cosmocities Records with his third solo effort. Comprised of two originals on the A-side, and two bespoke revamps from Vince Watson on the flip, this new EP from Fattore draws a direct bridge betwixt the idyllic coastal flow of Italian boogie and straight out pulsating alien disco, sure to keep galaxies bouncing in good order.

Clocking in first is the vibey, otherworldly ‘Lyle’ – a cross-pollinated ode to the healing power of laid-back, 80s-informed house, bristling with shimmering Casio synthlines and Cuban jazz-friendly pianos and drums. Heliotropic by nature, Fattore’s sound sits half-way loungey summer atmospherics and trailblazing post-kosmische jaunts. Then comes ‘Island Goddess’, casting more of a Sino-Caribbean flavoured spin on the dance floor with its obsessive miss-mash of processed chimes and prismatic webwork of steel pans.

On the B-side dwell two versions of ‘Lyle’ by true house legend Vince Watson, each of which deliver in their own right. If you’re after a proper classy, straightforward roller, bound to take dancers into a ravishingly deep but rousing trip, then the ‘Watson Reshape’ fits the bill like a glove, whereas the ‘Balearic mix’ does exactly what’s written on the tin – ushering you into a sense-soothing haven, where keyboard-laden escapism and Afro-style rhythms meet the elegance of muted chamber music

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