Slam Dunk Vol.2



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Catalogue: DFR010
Format: Vinyl, 12″ IT
Release Date: / 2021



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Daje Funk Records makes a most welcome return with the outstanding four track Slam Dunk Vol. 2 EP featuring groovy sensations from Jisco Dazz, BPlan, G. Markus and Frank Virgilio.

First up on the A-side is ‘Change’ from Jisco Dazz (the alter-ego of Get Down Edits’ Daz Dalton) with a track which plays like a cool breeze hitting your face on the hottest day of the year. Gentle keys and a gorgeously unhurried rolling drum beat are joined by that bassline! Suddenly, you’re driving a convertible down LA’s Sunset Strip. Even before the vocal kicks in, you know there’s a perceptive wisdom at play here. Change is gonna come. The loud minority has spoken. Uplifting, inspiring and moving– one for the sun kissed terraces out there for sure.
Next on the A-side is ‘Hey Boy’ by Italian producer/DJ Giuseppe Fimiani aka BPlan – a dirty lowdown that perfectly completes the vibe of the A-side. BPlan’s skills in bringing a unique take to a familiar riff is nothing short of genius. The perfectly pitched bass, filtered chord progression and mid-tempo beat lead us on a journey drenched in summer juices which, when combined with the vocal samples force you to stay in the moment and stop runnin’ with those Joneses. A sublime slice of a summer long past served up by one of the brains behind Caffè Corretto Edits, this is Daje Funk at its very best.

On the flip side, Samosa favourite G. Markus ups the tempo and tickles the boogie bone with his ‘Pocket Rocket’. A bona fide groove from the get go, you’ll find it hard to resist this funky ensemble of raggedy rhythm guitar, heavenly brass flares and seductive vocal sample – wrapped in a bassline so tight you could hang your washing on it. What we have here is an infectious, smile inducing, foot tappin’ rocket. Coming in at a deceptive 118bpm, Pocket Rocket will sensually massage your ear drums and leave you begging for more. Much more. And you can get it.

Frank Virgilio closes the EP off with his Roland 303 inspired ‘What’s In My Mind’. What starts as a build up of squelchy acid tones soon transforms into a jazz-infused, eclectic arrangement featuring strong tribal drum beats, muted trumpet and warm chords. It’s a track that defies a label, and Frank Virgilio does an excellent job of subverting expectations on the first listen. The haunting female vocal repeats “I don’t know what we’re gonna do with that…”. But we do. We’re going to dance to it. We’re going to love it. Once the delicate warmth of the breakdown hits you’ll be feeling funk, so let it get into you. A perfect curtain closer to a perfect EP.

The Slam Dunk Vol. 2 EP is another Daje Funk slam dunk that leaves you breathless. A must-buy and one to certainly fly out of all good record stores fast, so grab one while you can!

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