Strong Island

J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E.




Catalogue: ES765002
Format: Vinyl, 7″ UK
Release Date: 05/2024

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The term ‘classic’ is often tossed around casually, particularly when reminiscing about the golden era of Hip Hop and its iconic tracks. However, in this instance, B-Boy and Empire Slate proudly unveil the release of a true gem from 1987, deserving of the ‘classic’ label. The original mix, a masterpiece that had never before seen a 7 inch release, is now finally available after over 35 years in the making, condensed to fit on a ’45, still with all that glorious and fluid rap that defined the original is fully preserved for all to throwdown. Remastered for 2024 on heavyweight 7 inch vinyl and delivered in THOSE B-Boy Records sleeves and labels.

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