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Catalogue: heist063
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Release Date: 08/2022



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What do you do when you’ve just released an amazing album and your last EP on Heist was one of the label’s best selling records in recent years? This is the ‘question’ Crackazat had to answer when writing his new EP for us. His solution? Just deliver something even more amazing. Easy.

When Crackazat released his ‘Alfa’ EP early 2021, we knew it was going to be a great record. It had everything we’ve come to expect and love from him; a great balance between creative musicality and downright beef for the club. Fast forward a year and a half and here we are, super happy to release his new ‘Demucha EP’.

Title track ‘Demucha’ starts with the jazzy energy of a double bass, flanked by brushed percussion and some vocal chops. You feel the speed of the track working through every part of the song, which becomes even more evident when the main key comes in. A typical Crackazat-esque finger-twirling loop brings the track to its top speed, where horn stabs add to the excitement. This is peak-time jazzy house executed to perfection.

‘Sarge’ takes a more mellow approach, where we see Crackazat navigate the idea of timelessness with dreamy keys, strings and a dubby bass. A mid track crackly arpeggio and faraway voices add to the contemplative vibe of the track to great effect.

The EP closer ‘We know’ stays away from Crackazat’s renowned skippy beats and instead, make way for a driving staccato stomp. Rough key stabs along with the talented multi-instrumentalist’s own faraway vocals make for a mesmerizing track that takes you on a lovely sonic journey that will work as well on the dancefloor as in any other space.

The Demucha EP is another great example of Crackazat’s talent to write an earworm of a melody and produce a sonically rich record in a manner that feels both effortless and compelling throughout it’s full length.

Yours sincerely,
Maarten & Lars

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