Orchid’s Wish

UC Beatz





Catalogue: HEIST069
Format: Vinyl, 12″, DE
Release Date: 04/2023

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180 G Heavyweight Vinyl with limited Full Cover! 90s infected french House

Heist welcomes Belgian house maestro UC Beatz to the label with a 5 track EP featuring Marina Trench and Tour-Maubourg.

UC Beatz is a man who likes to do things his own way. You can hear it in his distinctive sound, but it also goes back to when he started producing and putting out records. If he would have asked us for advice back then, we would have definitely tried to talk him out of starting a record label without a good distribution deal. The hours of work to get the records made, printed and stamped is one thing, but going from shop to shop to sell your work, just because you believe in it? That’s just mad.

Thankfully, Belgian producer, DJ -and yes, label owner- UC Beatz didn’t ask our opinion when he started Entrepot Records in 2014 and we’re glad for it. It’s been a total success story for him and an inspiration for independent artists all around. His releases quickly gained momentum, all sold out in weeks and with that, helped him establish his name as stylish deep house producer with his own sound.

Fast forward to 2023, and we find UC Beatz on labels such as Classic Music Company, Razor ‘n Tape and now we’ve his debut on Heist for you. There’s no need for him to go from shop to shop this time, because we’re sure people will jump on this record the minute it hits the shelves.

UC Beatz delivers a stunning 5 track EP with guest appearances from Marina Trench and Tour-Maubourg. The EP sees the artist go from euphoric sample house (Orchid’s Wish) to his classic pad-driven sound on tracks like Purple Corner Fig and Blu Thang. The EP would be good without the collabs, but UC Beatz found a perfect match in style with fellow Heist artist Marina Trench on ‘Make me feel’. His co-production with Tour-Maubourg sees the duo dive deep into a classic Chicago deephouse vibe and deliver the most ethereal track of the EP.

Yours Sincerely,
Maarten & Lars

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