Masters At Work


Catalogue: MAW-2021
Format: Silver Vinyl, 12″ US 🇺🇸
Release Date: 08/2021



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Masters At Work are now ready to release their first new track in over 20 years. Mattel, the title comes from early drum machine, the boys have used sounds from that original drum machine and have produced a drum driven electronic groove.

The beats and groove reaches a climax and goes into a frenzy percussion solo played live in the studio by Kenny Dope.

Louie Vega bounces off the beats and percussion solo with a bouncing bassline and hard hitting stabs taking this seven minute and fifty nine seconf track into the stratosphere.

Masters At Work are happy to be releasing new music for their fans (new and old) and have set up releases throughout the year consistently into 2022 and more!!!

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