It’s The Arps Ep

Todd Terje


Format: Vinyl 12″ NL
Repress date: 08/2023

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reissue with original artwork!

Todd Terje’s 2012 EP It’s the Arps rumbled the floors of warehouse parties and hedonistic sleepovers alike with lead single ‘Inspector Norse’ leading the vanguard of electro fun.

Please welcome: It’s The Arps! Oslo’s magic music maker Todd Terje has already gained a wunderkind like reputation for his gentle yet potent productions (we won’t mention the ‘E’ word here) on labels like Full Pupp, Permanent Vacation and Running Back on top of being one of the best remixers money can buy (Shit Robot, Bryan Ferry, Dølle Jllle etc etc). What is there left for him to do Establish a label of his own! ‘It’s The Arps’ is the starting signal for Olsen. And what a splendid one it is. Created from scratch and solely on the mythical synthesizer ARP 2600, it features four tracks (reads instant classics) that couldn’t be a better follow-up to his 2011 super hit EP ‘Ragysh’. Towering over the assortment is the laser crime scene called ‘Inspector Norse’. Defying genres and blinkers, this is finest goose bumps dance music that makes you whistle along, laughing and crying all at the same time – but the rest isn’t half bad either. The short, but sweet ‘Myggsommer’ gives away Terje’s secret love for quirky exotika, whereas ‘Swing Star Pt 1’ and its brother have a (balearic) brilliance and witchery to them that is rarely found nowadays. Released on Olsen Records and housed in a beautiful sleeve courtesy of Bendik Kaltenborn. 100% Arp 2600 and 200% Todd Terje.

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