The Lunatics (A Tribute To Terry Hall)

Radio Slave




Catalogue: REKIDS238
Format: Vinyl, 12″, UK
Release Date: 03/2024

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Radio Slave pays homage to Fun Boy Three with ‘The Lunatics (A Tribute to Terry Hall)’.
Fun Boy Three’s ground-breaking 1981 anthem ‘The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum’ reflected a socio-political uncertainty and fear of the time, mirroring today’s calamitous society.

Radio Slave’s tribute to the late vocalist of The Specials and Fun Boy Three, Terry Hall, ‘The Lunatics (A Tribute To Terry Hall)’ centres itself on the unmistakable haunting vocal chant of its source material. Welded to the sort of unbreakable groove that Radio Slave has spent two decades refining, the vocal swells, repeating chorus, and jolting alarm sounds make for yet another anthem from one of dance music’s most bankable names.

Rounding out the release, Radio Slave strips the single of its iconic vocal for the ‘A Clinic Full Of Cynics’ dub. In this version, he lets its infectious guitar strum bass roar and added jazz-inflected musical elements shine in a pure and true tribute to Ska music told by the Rekids founder.

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