Stranger (To Stability) (Len Faki Remixes) (Clear Vinyl Repress)

Dustin Zahn




Catalogue: RSPX15CLEAR
Format: Clear Vinyl Repress, 12″ UK 🇬🇧
Release Date: 05/2021 Repress 10/2021



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Originally appearing on Rekids subsidiary REK’D as a limited release a decade ago, Rekids rereleases Dustin Zahn ‘Stranger (To Stability)’ on Special Projects with two outstanding mixes by Len Faki.

A massive techno record, ‘Stranger (To Stability)’ has stood the test of time since its release in 2009. Featuring two remixes by Len Faki, the record was a limited release on wax and has since become sought after by vinyl buyers. With its saw-like synths and ominous atmospherics, the original by Enemy Records boss Dustin Zahn is menacing and comes complete with a compelling groove and dubby stabs – the result is mesmerizing.

Len Faki’s Podium Mix follows a similar aesthetic with its reverbed kicks and metallic effects whilst distorted vocal samples and twisted melodies up the energy forming a colossal anthem. Built on syncopated percussion, the Figure founder’s X-Break Mix meanders forward with an infectious rhythm before a tremendous build up rises and rises, only to diminish to embers before doing it all again.

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