For Angels





Catalogue: SATYA007
Format: Vinyl, 12″, UK
Release Date: 11/2022



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Hailing from Bahrain, sensational and suave producer Zone+ has just rolled out his very first Satya EP titled For Angels. If angels danced, they would flap their wings and soar from just hearing his contagious beats. Expect full body thrills with some emotional chills, as Zone+ delivers signature sounds that are crafted for freeing yourself on the dancefloor and in the outdoors. Optimal listening time? Rest assured – these four tracks will get you rising at dawn and grooving till dusk.

So who’s this mysterious master of deep hypnotic grooves? We’ll happily tell you. Currently based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Zone+ balances the art of creating depth and levels in his music to make his crowd move yet fly through emotional landscapes. Widely known for his mesmerizing sets and memorable productions, Zone+ naturally makes his mark on dance floors all over the world. Starting off as a club resident in Soundscapes Bahrain, he has since continued his musical escapades being an integral part of the growing underground movement in the region.

“I always connect with people and love historical things, buildings and old stories.” – Zeyad Mohsen, Zone+

For Angels epitomizes Zone+ for its recognizable grooviness, always generating a playful yet dreamy soundscape for solo or group listening. Adding in eerie and floaty undertones, Zone+ creates a one of a kind narrative within For Angels, alluring the listener to learn more as the tracks progress.

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