Everything I Do / What Do You Think

Les Inferno




Catalogue: SMS002
Format: Vinyl, 12″ IT
Release Date: 07/2018



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Alongside De Gama, Pierandrea The Professor aka Les Inferno is the man behind the much-loved Samosa
imprint. A DJ for over 30 years, ‘The Professor’ is well known in his native Italy as a true vinyl connoisseur, a fact
that’s no doubt attributable to a seventy-thousand strong vinyl collection. And so it is that he pipes up with the
label’s latest. Under his Les Inferno alias, Pierandrea concocts two classic jams (and two neat interpretations of
each). A full-scale disco explosion, the EP is a treat for fans of sun-kissed house, the likes of which is sure to win
plaudits from DJs such as Prosumer, Hunee and Ben UFO.
The action kicks off courtesy of the original Everything I Do’. Produced with an obscure disco sample at its
core, it’s a dreamy anthem with roots that will speak to fans of vintage Loft records especially. Effortlessly
simple but devilishly catchy, it’s the perfect tonic with which to help ease the autumn blues. The ‘breakdown’

version strips the original of its vocals, allowing the drums to take centre stage alongside its gorgeous
On the flip, What Do You Think’ goes even funkier still, with its dancefloor prowess epitomised by a vocal that
wouldn’t sound of place in Paradise Garage. A truly momentous record, it’s sure to unleash pandemonium on
any DJ it’s allowed to let loose on. If you’re after something similar but without the campness of the original,
there’s a dub version that ought to do the trick. A stunning release throughout.

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