The Difference EP


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Catalogue: SMS026
Format: Vinyl, 12″ IT
Release Date: 05/2022
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Samosa Records continue their hot streak with ‘The Difference EP’ – a superb four tracker from a producer who is all about the funk, Gledd.

This wonderfully constructed EP kicks off with the first track on the A-side – ‘I Don’t Know’. From the get go, this is a slinky, catchy funky number. The warm, all consuming bass line jogs along, aided by subtle guitar riffs that light up the melody. The chugging train suddenly breaks for an outrageous blues vocal – deep growls and female backing singers take control before the track launches straight into the stratosphere. A guaranteed dance floor bomb.

Next up on the A-side is ‘Amapola Sunrise’, a latin infused 125bpm slice of heaven. Gledd knows these rhythms inside out – and this hypnotic ‘love dance’ of a track proves it. You can only imagine the sunrises and sunsets this will provide the soundtrack to. It’s a deep, glorious journey into hedonism – let the lead guitar and sax take you by the hand to the rug-pull breakdown. Gledd at his incomparible best.

Meanwhile, over on Side B, De Gama is setting out the party stall early with his ‘Re-Groove’ of Muni. When De Gama masters the grooves in the ‘Re’Groove’ workshop, the flames can be seen for miles. African horns, organ stabs and Mali-inspired guitar riffs combine with the superb vocals. It’s a tribal, ethereal and very spiritual funk dream, which is De Gama’s trademark.

Closing off this excellent EP is B.2 – ‘Japan Lips’. In no time, we’re off around the seedy back street bars where gifted but washed up bass players hang out to find work. The bass line is as clean as a whistle as it kicks against the snares and cymbals of the beat, and the melody wraps around you instantly with rhythm guitar, jazz flute and breaks. Another mesmerising piece from a man who knows how to mesmerise. The perfect topper to this thoroughbred release.

‘The Difference EP’ is a welcome Samosa debut for Gledd and is sure to be a hit with lovers of the groove. This has to be in your collection.

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