Archivio Fonomeccanico 1.0

I Bellissimi Dischi di Ornavasso


Catalogue: SOMAR001
Format: Vinyl 12″ IT
Release date:06/2023

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EP with four dancing motion tracks, selected from the vaults of the secluded Archivio Fonomeccanico Ornavassese.

The evolutionary restoration of the rediscovered pieces is the work of “I Bellissimi Dischi di Ornavasso” who, through structural modifications and sophisticated refinements, made them fit again for listening but more importantly for dancing.

All the source tracks stem from 70s and 80s Italian music, revised and guaranteed by the Archivio Fonomeccanico, one of the few ultraphonic overhaul specialists in Italy.

With their state-of-the-art audio department they can support the conception, production and mixing of melodies the quality of which is demonstrated by the famous psycho magical side effects.
Let yourselves be thrusted into hyperspace by the undulations of your pelvic bone.

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