Archivio Fonomeccanico 2.0

I Bellissimi Dischi di Ornavasso


Catalogue: SOMAR002
FORMAT: Vinyl, 12″, IT
Release date: 06/2024

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Bellissimi Dischi di Ornavasso open the doors of the Archivio once again!

The tracks on this album, meticulously chosen from their vast, almost boundless collection, maintain the warm and dance-like nature that distinguishes the sound of Somar Records. The captivating rhythms and velvety bass are processed in the celebrated audio department, unsurpassed in the creation and melodic mixing, providing a finished product of a quality established by many professionals in the sector. The selection is obviously 100% italian, certified by officer T. Campanat.

Optimal reproduction on a stereo system guarantees increasing undulations and hand clapping, with extended influence on other peripheral joints. To date, no adverse effects have been observed in the administration in a protected environment (dance hall).

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