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Yama Music 008




Format: Vinyl 12″ FR
Release date: 09/2023

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Yama Music’s self-titled release “Yama Music 008” on Yama Music is a vinyl EP capturing the essence of their unique minimalistic aesphetic. This record features three tracks that showcase the label heads approach.

Opening with “Monomeros,” a track that sets the tone with its intricate rhythms and stripped to the bare bones beat. The devil is certainly in the details. “Hide & Seq” follows with its deep slung groove and carefully crafted sequences, an intriguing sonic experience. “Oddies” rounds out the EP with a techier edge and deep as you like bass.

Yama Music’s sound on this release is reminiscent of the Perlon and Minibar vibe, characterized by its attention to detail, minimalistic grooves and carefully crafted sonic spaces.


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