Catalogue: YOIONWAX008
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Release Date: 03/2023

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We’ve all been waiting for the new part of YOIONWAX to come out. Well, YOIONWAXOO8 is finally here!

The record features 4 super fresh tracks from the young producer from central Italy – Droove. This guy is undoubtedly an artist worth following in the panorama of young Italian musicians. He has managed to become notable in a short period of time and is able to move tracks with a funky, house, acid sound and create a great party atmosphere.

Everything starts with an acquired lightness, a feeling of warmth, light that gently envelopes each of us like the lightest silk, a rhythm flowing from everywhere the record starts playing, capable of breaking down the walls of darkness, the moment each of us meets our own Fallen Demon, coming to the balance of the inner and outer. Dreams are what move us, what give us the strength to move forward, what cheer us on and fill us up. Before turning the record over and moving on to the next side, Dino suggests stopping in the Lockdream and giving in to light, kind dreams.

The second side of the record immediately explodes with a large-scale, powerful, vivid and absorbing piece of audiovisual art. Sound and our classic animated artwork come together to produce Sensation! After a bright, intense, challenging, but at the same time easy journey, let’s close our eyes, take a calm deep inhale, and stay alone with ourselves. Feel yourselves as the sea, the sky, our planet, feel yourself as a living organism as much as you can. And on an exhale say to everything unnecessary in your life – Leave Me, and when the last rustle of the record sounds, everything unnecessary for you will leave you.

Have a pleasant listening experience!

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