Nite Dreams

Andrew Emil




Catalogue: YRE-046
Format: Vinyl 12″ D
Repress date: 07/2023

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Chicago house producer Andrew Emil (aka Change Request) joins Andy Vaz’s Yore label. House music that comes directly from the source – That is Chicago, IL.

The “Nite Dreams” release features remixes (called here Dreamixes) by Emil of one of his own Change Request productions and two by other artists.
The three lustrous Dreamixes on Emil’s Nite Dreams are, put simply, irresistible. Chicago-based music collective Artispure (feat. The Remedy) opens the release with the enticingly swinging “Chicago Underground,” its dynamic house groove sprinkled with claps, chunky synth chords, slick hi-hat accents, and soulful vocal interjections. Made over by Emil, the tune’s straight-up fabulous. The snappy Change Request production “Sunday’s Best” glides breezily on a tropical wave of claps, a skipping house groove, and gentle melodic figures that give the music a nostalgic, even plaintive quality. The closing cut, Emil’s soulful treatment of “Sunlight” by native Chicagoan Elbert Phillips and singer Andre Espeut, shows no drop-off. With a snare-popping groove driving the tune and Espeut laying a beautiful vocal across the percolating backdrop, “Sunlight” rivals the other two tracks for quality and appeal. Vaz keeps bringing them strong.

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