Catalogue: SATYA009
Format: Vinyl 12″ UK
Release date:04/2023



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Welcoming Hermanez to Satya has naturally induced the label to transcend musical boundaries by opening up the creative parameters to more electronic artistry. Taking spring by storm, Hermanez has adopted 009 with grace and unequivocal individuality. With his full-body thrilling tracks, he empowers the listener to Rewire their listening programming, refreshing their palette with a high-energy burst of sexy flavors.

“The urge for freedom during the lockdown was a big thing for me. I personally had a production burst. Everyone needed to deal with what happened, so I did it in my own way by purely doing the only thing that kept me moving forward: creating a space to stock a feeling. Rewire is a story that is beyond words, as it is made up of healing sounds. Although there were cultural contradictions these past years, what mattered most for me was and still is people’s love for music. Overall, 009 was inspired by the beautiful collision of people and their experiences.” – Hermanez

Through defined grooves, rolling bass lines, granular uplifting synths and pad use, Rewire is literally wired with deeply hypnotic and mystical atmospheres. Hermanez truly strikes and presents us with four dance floor weapons.

When the body starts moving
And the mind stops racing,
The heart ends up pumping
And a smile keeps spreading.
Our programming is now rewiring
Our perspectives now expanding,
With all 5 senses heightening
Because of what is resetting,
Recalibrating and realizing.
Rewiring to a new reality.
– Ty Alexander


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